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Geoffroy Table

At 10 feet long and nearly five feet wide, the Geoffroy Trestle Table is made of premium, live-edge Kansas black walnut. The trestle base is constructed with a draw-bore mortise and tenon joint and features a tusk tenon, which is made to be broken down and disassembled for transport.

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Trestle Slab Table

Native Kansas Black Walnut

Oil, wax

9' L, 50" W, 30" T

Details: Based off of the "Geoffroy Table" design, this slab table top is made from two solid black walnut slabs joined together. The trestle base is constructed with draw-bore mortise and tenon joinery and the stretcher is joined to the base sections using a tusk tenon joint. 


Butterfly Coffee Table

Black Walnut; Bur Oak

Oil, wax

The black walnut timber for this unique coffee table came from the patron's family land. The slabs came to my shop measuring only 30" in length so we came up with a design to join two slabs together end to end using a dovetail joint, doubling the length of the coffee table. The bur oak aprons were steam bent to follow the curvature of the live edge and joined to the legs using a mortise and tenon joint. 


Byall Coffee Table

The showcasing feature of the Byall Coffee Table is the live edge, figured Kansas black walnut top with fiddleback grain. The quarter sawn bur oak apron is steam bent to follow and compliment the natural curvature of the top. Mortise and tenon construction of the aprons and legs.


Cohlmia Table

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